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Our Services

Project Management

We move forward together in every stage of production. We plan the processes of the product line in your brand name, together with our clients, and develop special ways to perfectly manage the process planning.

Total Quality Management

OZEGE TEKSTIL assures high quality production with its technological facilities and prioritize international quality control techniques with experienced quality control team for all the processes of production.

Responsive Design

As OZEGE TEKSTIL is aware that among the requirements and responsibilities of a globally serving brand are to launch designs that are elegant, satisfactory and leading in the fashion industry, while designing its models, continues to create designs that are appealing both to the eyes and also the fashion.


Our production team following the global developments visits and closely follows all fairs simultaneous with the entire world and continues to maintain R&D activities in line with the recent developing trends for respond to customer requirements.

Stock Fabric Management & Fast Delivery Fabrics

OZEGE TEKSTIL is presenting to stock fabric service with large fabric various and quantities to meets Our customer's urgent requirements.

Dyeing & Printing & Finishing

We are producing the woven fabrics with Reactive dyed, Indanthren Dyed, Disperse Dyed, Pigment Printing, Reactive & Digital Printing according to Eco-friendly and Oeko-Tex, GOTS, RCS, BCI Standards